Privacy Policy

Day7 Inc. (hereinafter referred to as 'Day7') respects the users' personal data and privacy. Day7 complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other regulations regarding the processing of personal data and privacy on services we offer globally.

Day7 collects only the minimum amount of personal data to provide Day7's services, and informs the user of the types of personal data we collect and handle, types of service providers and receivers, and the method of deleting data. This policy also applies to additional services that are directly or indirectly related to game services.

1. Collection of Data
  1. ■ Required data: Personal data collected to provide basic services.
  2. ■ Optional data: Personal data collected to provide additional services.
  3. Services provided through Day7 web pages and mobile apps are listed below.
  4. Also, we collect the following personal data through web pages, mobile apps, emails, forms, and etc.
  5. 1) Game service (ex. Mobile game apps) : [Required] ID, nickname, password
  6. a) We do not collect personal data in games based on clients(general mobile device) that do not use a server.

  7. b) We do not collect personal data directly from our applications with login function when using Google Play login, iTunes login or guest login, other than the data listed on < 3. Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Data Collection Services >.

  8. 2) Payment (ex. Purchasing goods from website): [Required] Name, mobile number, ID used in the payment website, nickname used in the payment website
  9. 3) Participating in Events and Promotions (ex. Facebook comments event): [Optional] Name, email address
  10. 4) Goods and Gift Deliveries (ex. Shipping prizes to event winners): [Required] Name, mobile number, address
  11. 5) Inquiry Purposes(ex. responding to inquiries via email regarding game errors) : [Required] E-mail address, [Optional] ID, name, nickname, mobile number, date of birth, gender, address, contact number, telecommunication information (May collect additional personal data on the type of inquiry.)

  12. As to prevent violation under law and/or the Day7 Terms of Use, gender, age, location(country), including information (IP, access record, record for use of service, fraud record, download history, billing history, cookies, etc.) that are generated in the process of using the service for the purpose of securing service stability, preventing fraudulent users, protecting account and items, and device identification information (OS information, hardware information, Mac Address, ad identifier, etc.) may be collected.

  13. If you are using Day7's services with account from a separate entity, only those personal data agreed in-between the user and the separate entity is received and processed for the agreed purposes.
2. Use of Personal Information
  1. Uses personal data to/for:
  2. 1) Identify and confirm the identity of the User.
  3. 2) Confirm the identity of the legal representative and/or to confirm the consent of the legal representative for children under the age of 13.
  4. 3) Offer mobile game service, display advertisements in both image and video format, and to provide additional game features such as push notification for events.
  5. 4) Payments and refunds.
  6. 5) Events and/or promotional notifications.
  7. 6) Confirm event participation in order to send prizes to participants of the event, and to process tax bills.
  8. 7) Notify users of changes in terms of service, service disruption, game usage history, and personal data usage history.
  9. 8) Respond to inquiries or handle complaints, and to improve users' service experience.
  10. 9) Take legal or in-game action against users who are involved with irregular activities, such as hacking, within the game.
  11. 10) Create an environment where you can use the service safely.
  12. 11) Analyze the service environment through the record of service use, in order to improve and provide services based on each individual.
  13. 12) Online behavioral advertising, providing advertisements that are customized to each user.

  14. ■ Online Behavioral Advertising: A marketing method that provides tailored advertisements by analyzing user's online behaviors from usage and access record data.

  15. - Ad Operators: Google Admob, Facebook, Twitter, Adbrix, UnitAds, Tapjoy
3. Installation and Operation of Automatic Personal Data Collection Services
  1. We may allow advertisers to collect online behavioral information of the following:
  2. - Gender, age, location(country)
  3. - Mobile and other hardware or device identifiers
  4. - Referring and exit pages, including landing pages and pages viewed
  5. - Platform type, etc..

  6. - The online behavioral information stated above will be collected automatically when the user runs the application. We recommend to remove Day7 game service for users who do not agree to the above terms.
4. Rights of Users and Legal Representatives, and How to Exercise Such Rights
  1. Day7 actively takes necessary measures on requests of reviewing, providing, and correcting personal data on users.

  2. Users and their legal representatives may display and/or modify their own personal data or the personal data of their children under the age of 13, or request cancellation of membership at any time.

  3. May request to view, provide, correct, or revoke your consent via phone or email.
5. Third Party Services
  1. Our websites and products may contain advertisements or third party services (such as the Facebook Like button or links to third-party websites).

  2. If you click on those links, including advertisements, you will leave the Day7 services and go to the site you selected.

  3. If you visit a third party website or use a third party service, you should refer to the privacy policy provided by that website or service.
6. Deleting Your Personal Data
  1. When the purpose of collecting and using personal data is accomplished, Day7 will destroy the data without any delay. Exception is made when it is stipulated by the relevant laws and regulations, or has obtained consent from the user.
  2. 1) Act on the Consumer Protection in E-Commerce Transactions, etc.
  3. - Records on contracts or withdrawal, 5 years

  4. - Records of payment and goods supplies, 5 years

  5. - Records of consumer complaints or chargebacks, 3 years

  6. 2) Protection of Communications Secrets Act
  7. - Records of Login History, 3 months

  8. When a user closes the account, the data that was collected to provide services to the user, will be removed after 30 days from the date of withdrawal for consumer complaints and chargeback resolution purposes.

  9. Data collected for events, etc., may be retained for up to 1 year, but this can vary from event to event and shall override the period listed on the individual event page.

  10. Personal data of users who have not used the service for 1 or 5 years are separated and kept securely, according to the user's consent.

  11. Personal data kept in electronic files are destroyed, and personal data printed on papers are shredded or incinerated.

  12. Requests to read or delete their own personal data by users from nations under GDPR will be carried out within 30 days of request.
7. Service Limitations
  1. If user refuses Day7 to collect personal data, user may have limited access to all or part of the game services provided by Day7.

  2. Particularly, users who do not agree to provide the required personal data, and/or to provide personal data that are collected automatically, will have difficulties in using Day7 game services. Therefore we recommend users to delete the application.
8. Day7 Contact Information
  1. If you have any questions or comments regarding Day7’s privacy policy, please feel free to contact us.

  2. Company &emp; Contact Info:
  3. - Company : Day7 Inc.
  4. - Email :
  5. - Address : 16 Yanghwa-ro 12-gil, 5F, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

  6. If any changes are made in Privacy Policy, we will notify users through Day7 official pages and SNS channels within 72 hours of update.
This Privacy Policy was last updated on June 4, 2018

Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions are to determine the rights, obligations and necessary matters between the "Company" and "Member" in connection with the use of Mobile Game Application (hereinafter referred to as "Service") provided by Day7 Inc.

"Service" includes the function of purchasing partly monetized products. In order to prevent excessive damage of an unauthorized settlement, the upper limit of the open market price is subject to the policy of the open market operator. "Member" are recommended to set the settlement password before using this service and prevent any unauthorized payment losses that may occur. The Terms and Conditions are as follows.

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters of "Company" and "Member" in connection with the "Service" provided by Day7 Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Company")

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)
  1. ① Definitions of Terms used in this Agreement are as follows.

    1. 1. "Company" means Day7 Inc. and its affiliated companies, which provide services through wired and wireless communication networks.
    2. 2. "Service" means any service incidental to any of the Game Services, Customer Support, Informational or other activities provided to Members through the Company's Web Site, Mobile Site, Mobile Game Application, or any other platform.
    3. 3. "Member" means a customer who has entered into a contract with the Company under the terms of this Agreement and uses the Services provided by the Company. Unless there is a special reason, "Company" will consider the registered name of a smartphone, tablet PC, or other terminal device "Service" to be "Member".
    4. 4. "Game World" means a variable virtual world that embodies game-like ability for "Members" to mediate information, leisure, entertain, socialize, and play games while subjected to certain rules (Game Rules).
    5. 5. "Open Market" means a brokerage telesales site or application that mediates the sale of applications or "paid services" such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store, T-Store, Olleh Market and etc.
    6. 6. "Open Market Operator" means the operator who operates "Open Market".
    7. 7. "Paid Services" means all kinds of digital contents (including cash, items, avatars and other paid contents) and services provided by the Company for a fee.
    8. 8. "Post" means the use of the "Service" by "Member" such as code, text, image, sound, videos and various other files (including the official on-line/off-line communities operated by the "Company").
    9. 9. "Affiliate Service" means a "Service" provided to "Member" through a partnership with a person providing messenger services such as KakaoTalk, Line, or other social network service provider such as Facebook.
  2. ② Definitions of terms used in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and other common practices, except as provided in Paragraph (1).

Article 3 (Providing Company Information)
  1. "Company" may publish the following items in the application download / sales page in "Open Market", the "Company" homepage or setting in the "Service" specified by "Company" so that "members" can easily see it. However, the privacy policy and the terms of use may be made available to the "member" through the connection screen.

    1. 1. E-mail Address (The address will be included when members submit a complaint)
    2. 2. Privacy Policy
    3. 3. Terms of Service

Article 4 (Specification of Terms and Amendment)
  1. ① "Company" shall publish the contents of the agreement where the "Member" can easily see such as the initial operation screen of "Service", the "Company" homepage, the setting in "Service", or other area specified by "Company" and etc.

  2. ② "Company" shall take measures to enable "Member" to inquire the contents of this Agreement with "Company".

  3. ③ "Company" shall make the Terms and Condition easy to understand for person who wishes to use the "Service" (hereinafter "User") before agreeing. The Terms and Condition including important contents such as withdrawing the subscription, release or terminating agreements with the company, disclaimer of the company, reimbursement of overpayment, remuneration and indemnification for members and etc. shall be written in bold, or provided with a separate connection screen or pop-up for user's consent.

  4. ④ "Company" shall, if necessary, provide the following services: the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of the Terms, the Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry, the Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, the Act on Content Industry Promotion, and other relevant laws, guidelines and notices, including changes in the policy of the "Open Market", system change, etc., the contents may be changed from time to time within a range that does not violate relevant laws and regulations.

  5. ⑤ If the "Company" changes the terms and conditions, notices regarding the contents of the modified terms will be specified along with the effective date and sent out 7 days before the applicable date (30 days before in cases which is unfavorable to the "Member") by E-mail, Note, LMS/SMS, Push Notification, or any other electronic means such as "Company" website or the "Service" platform.

  6. ⑥ When the "Company" revises the Terms, the "Member" shall confirm whether the "Member" agrees or disagree with the application of the revised Terms. However, in the cases where the "Member" does not indicate their consent or refusal of the revision by the effective date of the agreement after the notice of revision is made public, he/she may be deemed to have accepted the revised terms.

  7. ⑦ If "Member" does not agree to the application of the revised Terms, "Company" or "Member" may terminate the "Service" Use Agreement.

Article 5 (Other Terms and Conditions)

The matters not specified in these Terms and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, the Act on the Regulation of the Terms, the Act on the Promotion of the Game Industry, the Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, the Act on Content Industry Promotion, and other applicable laws and regulations.

Article 6 (Operational Policy)
  1. ① In order to protect the rights and interests of the "Members" and maintain the order in the "Service" and "Game World", the "Company" may designate Service Operation Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Operation Policy") to be delegated by specific scope of the contract. In this case, "Operational Policies" and the like are supplementary to these Terms and Conditions.

  2. ② "Company" shall post the "Operational Policy" on the initial screen of "Service", "Service" homepage, or provide a link to the page where "Member" can check and perceive the contents of the "Operation Policy".

  3. ③ In cases which amendment of the "Operational Policy" brings substantial change to right and obligations of "Members" or have the same effect as changing the contents of the Agreement occurs, the procedure of Article 4 shall be followed. However, if the amendment of the "Operational Policy" falls under any of the following subparagraphs, it shall be notified in advance by the method of Paragraph 2.

    1. 1. Amendment of matters delegated by specific scope of this Agreement.
    2. 2. Amendments that are not related to the right or obligations of "members".
    3. 3. If the contents of the "Operational Policy" are not fundamentally different from those set forth in the Terms and the "Operational Policy" is revised by the "Member".

Article 7 (Application Methods)
  1. ① A person who intends to use the "Service" provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "User") must read and agree to the Terms of Service and apply for the use in accordance to the procedures set by the Company.

  2. ② "User" must use their true, accurate and complete information to apply for the use. If you misrepresent your real name or identification information or steal personal data of another person, you cannot claim the right of "Member" under this Agreement, and "Company" can cancel or terminate the agreement without a refund.

  3. ③ "User" must apply using a mobile device such as smart phone or tablet PC owned by the user. If you use a mobile device owned by others, there may be disadvantages such as limited use of some "services" or deletion of "service" usage records. Especially, if it is confirmed that the mobile device is owned by another person or is stolen, the use of the "service" to the device may be restricted and the company can cancel or terminate the contract without refund.

Article 8 (Application Approval and Limitation)
  1. ① The Company shall accept the application for the use of Service in the order which the application is received. Unless there is a reasonable reason to refuse, the application will be accepted if the "User" agrees to the terms of this Agreement.

  2. ② The "Company" may not approve the use of Service for any of the following subparagraphs.

    1. 1. In the case which application is in violation of Article 7.
    2. 2. In the case which fees are not paid or cannot confirm it by mistake.
    3. 3. In the case which the Applicant has previously lost the qualification of a "Member" under this Agreement or has a limited record.
    4. 4. in case which the Applicant has a record of payment made by unauthorized use or theft of a third party credit card, wired / wireless telephone, bank account, etc.
    5. 5. in case which the Applicant use the "Services" in countries where the "Company" has not yet decided to provide the "Services".
    6. 6. in case which the Applicant shows a purpose of illegal act prohibited by laws and ordinances.
    7. 7. in case which it is deemed inappropriate for reasons related to Items 1 to 6.
  3. ③ If the Company falls under any of the following subparagraphs, the Company may reserve the consent until the problem is resolved.

    1. 1. In case of technical disability or if there is no room in the company's facilities.
    2. 2. In case of service failure or payment method failure.
    3. 3. In case where it is difficult to approve the use of the application for reasons other than those listed above.
  4. ④ "Company" may classify and divide into classes the use time, number of use, service menu, etc, by adding a condition that restricts the use of each category according to the relevant laws or regulations of "Company" and "Open Market Business Operator", in order to comply with the age of the user.

Article 9 (Provision and Change of Member Information)
  1. ① "Member" shall provide true, accurate and complete information to the "Company" pursuant to this Agreement, and will not be protected against any disadvantage caused by false information.

  2. ② "Member" can modify Personal Data provided by himself. However, Personal Data such as accounts and terminal information necessary for providing and managing "Services" may not be modified.

  3. ③ When the information provided to "Company" is changed, "Member" shall promptly correct it with the changed information through the homepage of the "Service", the homepage of the "Company" or the Customer Center. The "Company" shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused by not informing the "Company" of any changes.

Article 10 (Personal Data Protection and Management)
  1. ① The "Company" shall strive to protect the personal data of "Members" as stipulated by related laws and regulations. The personal data of "Member" will be governed and protected by relevant laws and privacy policy that the Company separately notifies.

  2. ② Third party link provided by a third party on "Service" or "Company" homepage shall not apply to the privacy policy of the "Company".

  3. ③ "Company" shall not be responsible for any information including account information exposed due to the fault of "Member". However, this is not the case if it is due to the fault of the "Company".

  4. ④ In order to protect the personal data of "Members", "Company" shall revoke the Personal Data of "Members" who do not have access history for one year in accordance with the Personal Data valid period system under the Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, etc. Therefore, the account of "Member" who has no access history for one year is treated as a dormant account and the use is restricted unless there is a separate request of "Member". However, if the "Member" sets the validity period of the Personal Data in accordance with the procedure set by the "Company", the "Company" will treat the "Member" account as a dormant account according to the set period.

Article 11 (Obligations of the Company)
  1. ① "Company" shall comply with relevant laws and faithfully perform the exercise of the rights, as well as fulfillment of its obligations set forth in these Terms.

  2. ② "Company" shall have a security system that comply with privacy policy to protect Personal Data, so that "Member" can use the "Service" safely. "Company" shall not disclose or provide any Personal Data of "Member" to any third party except in cases provided in these Terms and Conditions.

  3. ③ "Company" shall not engage in any activity prohibited by the relevant laws and regulations or these Terms and Conditions, and strive to provide continuous and stable "Service". "Company" will do its best to repair the equipment without any delay, unless there is an unavoidable cause such as natural disasters, emergency situations, defects or failures that cannot be resolved by current technology.

Article 12 (Obligations of the Member)
  1. ① "Member" shall not do the following acts.

    1. 1. "Member" shall not use false information or abuse another person's information when registering or changing membership information.
    2. 2. "Member" shall not impersonate an operator, officer, or employee of the "Company".
    3. 3. "Member" shall not do any action that may cause the "Company" to judge or suspect stealing or abusing information of other "Members".
    4. 4. "Member" shall not do any action that may interfere with others' use of "Services".
    5. 5. "Member" shall not intentional interfere with the provision of the normal "Service" of the "Company".
    6. 6. "Member" shall not create, distribute, use or advertise computer programs, software or devices that are not provided or approved by the "Company".
    7. 7. "Member" shall not use a computer program, software or devices that are not provided or approved by the "Company" for the purpose of nullifying the technical protection measures or hindering normal operation of the "Service".
    8. 8. "Member" shall not abuse bugs in the "Service" or acquisition of unusual ways to record, score cash, items, and etc.
    9. 9. "Member" shall not use programs that are not previously approved by the "Company" to obtain abnormal records, scores, game money, and items by avoiding or circumventing the normal order, balance, rules, etc. of the "Service".
    10. 10. "Member" shall not do any commercial activities using the "Services" without prior consent of the "Company".
    11. 11. "Member" shall not trade or sell a "Member" account, cash, game money, items etc., with another person.
    12. 12. "Member" shall not send, post, e-mail or distribute content infringing the intellectual property rights of the "Company" or third parties, such as copyrights, to others.
    13. 13. "Member" shall not reproduce, publish, broadcast, or provide the information obtained through the "Service" to a third party, for purposes other than the use of the "Service" without prior consent of the "Company".
    14. 14. "Member" shall not harass, threaten, insult, or cause continuous suffering or discomfort to other "Members".
    15. 15. "Member" shall not send, post, e-mail or distribute content that may infringe the honor or privacy of others, including offensive or personal data, to others.
    16. 16. "Member" shall no transmit, post, e-mail or distribute information, statements, drawings, sounds, or videos of obscene content that violates public order and morals.
    17. 17. "Member" shall not do any action that are objectively judged to be related to crime.
    18. 18. "Member" shall not do any action that violate other related laws and regulations.
  2. ② "Member" must confirm and observe these Terms, Operational Policies, Announcements, etc.

  3. ③ "Company" may determine the specific type of conduct under Paragraph 1 to 2 as well as any of the following subparagraphs established by the Operational Policy in which "Member" is obliged to abide.

    1. 1. Restrictions on the names of accounts, characters, guild, and other "Services" or "Game World" used by "Members".
    2. 2. Restrictions on content and methods of chatting.
    3. 3. Restrictions on the use of bulletin boards.
    4. 4. Restrictions on how to play the game and use the "Services".
    5. 5. Other matters that the Company deems necessary for the operation of the "Service" within the scope of not infringing the essential rights.
  4. ④ "Member" shall not distribute or rent his/her mobile phone, tablet PC or other mobile device to another person while using the "Service" and shall carefully manage not to lose it. The "Company" shall not be held responsible for any problems that may arise as a result of granting, renting or losing your own device to another person.

  5. ⑤ "Member" should set the payment password function provided in each "Open Market" and manage it so that unauthorized payment cannot be made. "Company" shall not be held responsible for any problems that occur because you have not set up the billing password.

Article 13 (Account and Platform Services)
  1. ① In consideration of the characteristics of each device using the "Service", "Company" may issue an ID with a combination of random numbers and letters to "Members" for the convenience use of "Membership" Accordingly, "Member" must also manage the device through the lock setting function so that the third party does not use the device to access the "Service".

  2. ② "Company" may provide separate Social Platform Services (hereinafter referred to as "Platform Services") that enable "Members" to use a wider "Service" in the "Game World".

  3. ③ If "Platform Service" is installed in the application provided by "Company", "Member" may be requested to join "Platform Service". "Platform Service" means that "Member" can use "Service" on various device with the same account.

  4. ④ In case which "Member" does not subscribe as a "Platform Services" member pursuant to Paragraph 2, the "Service" usage record of "Member" may be deleted when the device or mobile communication company is changed, replaced, or modified. There may also be restrictions on the continued use of the "Service" based on the "Service" usage records, and "Company" shall not be liable for this.

Article 14 (Affiliate Service)
  1. ① "Company" may affiliate with a Mobile Messenger Service provider or a Social Network Service provider so that "Member" may use the "affiliate service" function with our "Service".

  2. ② When a "Member" wants to use "Service" with "Affiliate Service" function, "Company" may receive "Member" information from the Messenger or provider of Social Network Service. "Company" agrees that the "Member" information provided by the "Affiliate Service" provider is only used in the "Service". If a Messenger or a Social Network Service provider has provided separate consent procedures for providing information about "Members", the "Member" must agree to provide the information in the relevant procedures to the "Company" in order to use the "Service".

  3. ③ When a "Member" changes the account of a Messenger Service or a Social Network Service, the record of use and other game record of the existing account may not be succeeded. "Company" shall not have any liability in the given case.

  4. ④ If the "Member" uses the "Service" with the "Affiliate Service" function, "Member" must contact the "Affiliate Service" provider for the modification, browsing and confirmation of the information necessary for using the "Affiliate Service".

Article 15 (Service Change and Contents Correction)
  1. ① "Member" may use the "Service" provided by "Company" in accordance to the Terms of Service, Operational Policy, and other regulations set by the "Company".

  2. ② "Game World" provided by the "Company" for "Members" through "Service" is a virtual world, and "Company" has comprehensive rights to create, change, maintain or repair contents.

  3. ③ "Company" shall take the necessary measures to protect the "Game World" from the real world and maintain the order and nature of the game.

  4. ④ "Company" may modify the "Service" according to its operational and technical needs if there is a substantial reason. In case which the "Service" is modified, "Company" shall notify the changes on the "Service" website, customer center, SNS page, or etc. "Company" may not disclose if it is determined that there is a possibility of causing abnormal use of the "Service," or if the modification is a modification of a bug or error that has a minor effect on the use of the "Service". "Company" may not disclose of the changes if it is determined that there is a possibility of causing abnormal use of the "Service", or if the modification is a small bug or error that has a minor effect on the use of the "Service".

Article 16 (Provision and Termination of Services, etc.)
  1. ① "Service" shall be provided for a fixed period of time in accordance with the "Company" business policy. (In principle, it is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless otherwise specified.) However, when it is necessary to limit the time for the provision of the "Service" as stipulated by the related laws and regulations, "Company" may limit or change the time for providing the "Service" without any prior notice and bear no responsibility for it.

  2. ② In spite of the case made in Paragraph 1, "Service" may not be provided for a certain period of time if any of the followings is applicable, and "Company" is not obliged to provide "Service" during that time.

    1. 1. When it is necessary for maintenance, periodic inspection, replacement or "Service" modification of computer, telecommunications equipment, etc.
    2. 2. When it is necessary to confront with electronic infringement accidents such as hacking, communication accidents, unusual game use behavior of "Members", and instability of unexpected "Service".
    3. 3. When the applicable law prohibits the provision of the "Service".
    4. 4. When the "Company" fails to provide normal "Services" due to natural disasters, emergencies, interruptions, failures of "Service" facilities, or excessive use of "Services".
    5. 5. When there is significant necessity of "Company" management such as division, merger, transfer of business, abolition of business, deterioration of "Service" profit, etc.
  3. ③ "Company" may suspend the "Service" by setting a fixed period of time on a weekly or monthly basis in the case of Paragraph 2, Item 1. In this case, the "Company" shall notify the Member through the "Service" initial screen, homepage, announcement, etc. at least 24 hours ahead.

  4. ④ In the case of Paragraph 2, Item 2, "Company" may suspend "Service" without prior notice. In this case, the "Company" shall notify the member afterwards through the "Service" initial screen, homepage, notice, etc.

  5. ⑤ "Company" may modify, discontinue or change any of the free of charge "Services" provided in accordance with the "Operational Policy" requirements of the "Company". Unless otherwise stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations, the "Company" shall not be liable to the "Member" for any loss of expected profits that were not provided directly by the "Company" and no compensation will be made for damages incurred for any other modification or suspension of services provided free of charge.

  6. ⑥ In the case where the fixed fee "Paid Service" (such as a fixed period game play ticket, etc.) is suspended or disrupted continuously for more than 4 hours (accumulation time) per day without prior notice due to the fault of "Company", "Members" will be given three times period extension of the service interruption time for free, and "Member" cannot claim for separate compensation from the "Company". However, if the "Company" has notified the "Service" suspension or disability in advance for reasons such as the server maintenance, but the service suspension time exceeds 10 hours, the "Service" use time will be extended free of charge for the time exceeded, and "Member" cannot claim for other compensation from the "Company". In the event that the Company cannot proceed with compensation such as extending the "Service" use time free of charge pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph, the "Company" may compensate with other types of equivalent compensation.

  7. ⑦ If the "Company" permanently terminates the "Service" due to technical management reasons, "Company" shall notify "Members" on the initial operation screen of "Service", or homepage 30 days before the termination of the relevant "Service". In case which there is an unavoidable circumstance that made it impossible to notify in advance, "Members" will be notified afterwards.

  8. ⑧ In the case "Service" termination under Paragraph 7, "Member" shall not be entitled to claim damages for both "Free" and "Paid Service" for which the Term of Use remains. For a "paid service" that has a lifetime of use or is not displayed, the service use period is determined to be until the service end date.

Article 17 (Provision of Information)
  1. ① "Company" shall display the following items clearly on the "Service" initial screen or on the homepage, download / sales page of the application in "Open Market".

    1. 1. Company Name
    2. 2. Game Name
    3. 3. Usage Rate (according to the usage policy of each Open Market)
    4. 4. Date of Production (Update date if updated)
    5. 5. Other matters deemed necessary by the Company
  2. ② In addition to Paragraph 1, contents, information, conditions of use, minimum system specifications (OS), etc, related to "service" provided by "Company" shall be displayed on the homepage, and download / sale page of each "Open Market" application. If the game client file download function in the page is not activated when you access the "Open Market" application download / sales page with your mobile device, there is high possibility that your device is not supported. Please try again with other device.

  3. ③ In principle, "Paid Service" purchased by "Member" is available only within the service unless specified otherwise by the "Open Market Operator" or any other individual "Service" policy.

  4. ④ In case which "Members" need consultation about "Paid Service", please contact the "Company" through the Customer Center at (

  5. ⑤ Other matters such as withdrawal of subscription, cancellation / termination of contract, compensation, restriction of use, etc, shall be determined by other provisions of this agreement or Operational Policy.

Article 18 (Collection of Information)
  1. ① "Company" can store all chat contents between "Members" in "Service". "Company" shall read this information only when it is necessary for the adjustment of disputes between members, processing of complaints or maintenance of order in game. This information shall be retained only by the "Company" and a third party who has not been granted with the authority cannot read it. However, if it is deemed necessary to view the chat information of "Members" in connection with the investigation, processing, confirmation and remedy of violations of the law, such as account fraud, in-game fraud, cash transactions, verbal abuse, bug abuse, etc., the user will be notified of the reasons for browsing the chat information along with the chat contents related to the user afterwards.

  2. ② "Company" can collect and utilize information of "Members" such as device information and operating system information in order to improve the quality and stabilization of "Service".

Article 19 (Publication of Advertisement)
  1. ① "Company" may provide advertisements related to operation of "Service" through "Service" initial operation screen, homepage, e-mail, LMS/SMS, Push Notification, etc. The advertising e-mail, LMS/SMS, and Push Notification are only sent to "Members" who have agreed to receive them. "Member" may at any time indicate the intent to unsubscribe or opt-out, and "Company" will not advertise against the intention of "Member".

  2. ② "Company" may place advertisements through banners, PPL, free charging stations (OfferWall) in "Service", and "Member" who agrees to these Terms and Conditions are deemed to have accepted running ads through banner, PPL, free charging stations (OfferWall), etc. The advertisement may be linked with the area and page provided by the third party which is not within the "Service" area of the "Company". "Company" will not guarantee reliability, stability etc. of the page provided by a third party, and shall not be held liable for the damage caused.

Article 20 (Product Use)
  1. ① "Company" may provide a "Service" that can be used without extra payment (hereinafter, "Free Service") or a "Service" that has a pre-determined set fee (hereinafter "Paid Service") in which "Member" is free to select the type of "Service" they wish to use.

  2. ② "Company" may discount or adjust the amount of the existing "Paid Service", change the content or configuration of the "Paid Service", or release a new "Paid Service" without prior notice. "Company" shall not be liable for any adjustments or changes to the content of "Paid Services."

  3. ③ Payment for the use of "Paid Service" may be made by the method prescribed by "Company" or the "Open Market Operator".

  4. ④ Regarding the use of "Paid Service" in Paragraph 1, after applying for the use of "Paid Service", "Member" shall pay the price for using the "Paid Services" in good faith.

  5. ⑤ The "Service" fee for the "Paid Service" shall be the same as the price shown in "Service", but the estimated payment amount at the point of purchase and actual billing amount may be different due to foreign exchange rate and fee.

Article 21 (Ownership of Copyrights)
  1. ① In accordance with the Terms of Use set forth by the "Company", the copyright and other intellectual property rights of the contents created by the "Company" shall be owned by the "Company" and "Member" may not perform any disposition, such as transfer, sale, or collateral of the game character, item, money, points, etc.

  2. ② "Member" shall not be copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast, or use information obtained by using the "Service" provided by the "Company" for commercial purposes without the prior consent of the "Company" or the provider.

  3. ③ Communication text, dialogue, images, sounds and all other data, information or materials uploaded by "Member" or other "Members" (hereinafter referred to as "User Content") through "Service" provided by the "Company" shall only be used in the following manner and conditions.

    1. 1. "Member" may use the "User Content" in any form, including editing, modifying, or transforming (such as publication, reproduction, performance, transmission, distribution, broadcasting, creation of derivative works, etc.) with any restriction on the period of use and area.
    2. 2. "Member" shall not sell, rent, or transfer the "User Content" for the purpose of trading without prior consent from the "Member" who created the "User Content".
  4. ④ "Company" will not use a "User Content" that is not shown or integrated with the "Service" (for example, a post on a general bulletin board, etc,) commercially without the consent of the user. User may remove such "User Content" at any time.

  5. ⑤ "Company" may delete, move or refuse any of the posting published or registered in "Service" by "Member" without prior notice, if the contents of the posting are applicable to the prohibited act set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

  6. ⑥ Those who are infringed by the law due to the information posted on the bulletin board operated by the "Company" may request for the deletion of the information or publication of the refusal. In this case, the Company shall promptly take the necessary action and notify the applicant.

  7. ⑦ Paragraph 3 is valid while the "Company" operates the "Service" and is continuously applied after termination or withdrawal of the membership.

Article 22 (Withdrawal of Subscription, etc.)
  1. ① The "Paid Service" provided by the Company is divided into those that can be withdrawn or restricted in accordance with the related laws such as "Act on Consumer Protection in E-Commerce, etc," and "Act on Content Industry Promotion". In the case of a "Paid Service" in which the subscription can be withdrawn, the "Member" may request the "Company" to withdraw the subscription for "Paid Services" that are not used, within 7 days of purchase.

  2. ② "Member" may not withdraw any subscription pursuant to Paragraph 1 against the intention of the "Company" in any of the following cases.

    1. 1. In the case which the goods are lost or damaged due to the fault of the "Member"
    2. 2. In the case which the "Member" uses or partially consumes goods.
    3. 3. In the case which the good is difficult to re-sell over time.
    4. 4. In the case which there is a damage to the packaging of reproducible goods.
    5. 5. In addition to the cases prescribed by the laws of transaction safety.
  3. ③ As for the goods which the cancellation of subscription is impossible in accordance with Paragraph 2, Items 2 to 4, "Company" shall take precautions to ensure that the exercise of rights such as cancellation of subscription is not overlooked by clearly specifying where the "Member" can easily see or provide a trial product. If the "Company" does not take such action, the "Member" may withdraw the subscription despite the reasons for withdrawal under items 2 to 4 of Paragraph 2.

  4. ④ In spite of the provisions of Paragraphs 1 to 3, if the contents of the "Paid Services" provided by "Company" are different from the display, advertised contents, or executed differently from the contents of the contract, "Members" may withdraw subscription within 3 months from the date of purchase and within 30 days from the date that the fact was confirmed.

  5. ⑤ "Membership" may be withdrawn orally or in writings (including electronic documents), e-mail, etc.

  6. ⑥ If the "Paid Service" was paid or given free of charge by the "Company" or received from other "Member", it will be excluded from the cancellation.

Article 23 (Effects of Withdrawal, etc.)
  1. ① If the "Member" withdraws the subscription, the "Company" shall recover or delete the "Paid Services" of the "Member" and return it to the "Open Market Operator" within 3 business days from the date of receipt without delay along with the documents necessary for the refund. In the case which the "Company" delays the refund, the interest rate shall be multiplied by the delay period prescribed in the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc, and the Enforcement Decree.

  2. ② The "Company" shall ask the provider of payment methods to suspend or cancel the billing payment and refund the payment amount that the "Member" paid by credit card or other means of payment prescribed by the "the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc, and the Enforcement Decree" without delay.

  3. ③ In the case which some items are used or consumed, "Company" may charge the "Member" for the amount of profit gained or equivalent cost of supplying such items.

  4. ④ The "Company" may request the "Member" for necessary documents for refund if necessary, and refunds may be restricted if the Member refuses to do so.

  5. ⑤ In the case which the "Member" withdraws the subscription, the "Member" shall bear the cost of returning the goods, etc, and the Company shall not be able to claim penalty or compensation for the withdrawal of "Member".

Article 24 (Termination of Membership)
  1. ① "Member" may terminate the contract of "Service" use (hereinafter "Member Withdrawal"). In order for "Member" to withdraw from membership, he/she may apply for "Membership Withdrawal" using the menu on the "Service" page or through the Customer Center. Upon the completion of the withdrawal, the usage information (score, character, item, game money, etc.) of "Member" will deleted and cannot be restored or used.

  2. ② When "Member" applies for "withdrawal of membership", "Company" can confirm whether he/she is "Member". If the applicant is identified as the "Member", the "Company" shall take action in accordance with the application.

Article 25 (Termination of the Company)
  1. ① "Company" may terminate the contract of "Service" use if the "Member" violates the obligations of "Member" set forth in this agreement, the current law, or caused damage to the "Company" intentionally. In the case of the latter part of Paragraph 1, "Member" cannot claim for the right to use the "Paid Services" and will not be entitled to any refunds or damages.

  2. ② If Company terminates the contract, "Company" will notify "Member" through the "Service" initial screen, homepage, LMS/SMS, Push Notification, etc.

Article 26 (Limitation of Service Use for Members)
  1. ① The "Company" may restrict the use of the "Service" by the Member in accordance with the following subparagraphs. The specific "Member" with "Service" use restriction due to breach of contract can be defined in the "Operational Policy".

    1. 1. Character Privilege Restrictions: Restrict the character's rights, such as chats, for a period of time.
    2. 2. Character Use Restrictions: Restrict the use of character for a certain period of time or permanently.
    3. 3. Device Use Restrictions: Restrict device access to the "Service" for a certain period of time or permanently.
    4. 4. Account Use Restrictions: Restrict the use of account for a certain period of time or permanently.
    5. 5. Membership Use Restrictions: Restrict "Member" from using the "Service" for a certain period of time or permanently.
  2. ② In the case which the restriction of use made by the "Company" is justified, "Company" shall not compensate "Member" for any damages caused due to the "Service" use restriction.

  3. ③ In the event that "Member" acquires game information such as goods and items through a method that "Company" does not tolerate, "Company" may take necessary measures such as restriction of use, recovery of goods and items according to the Operational Policy.

Article 27 (Restriction of Service Use as Provisional Measures)
  1. ① The "Company" may suspend the "Members" use of "Service" until the investigation of the following issues is completed.

    1. 1. Upon receipt of a report related to hacking or theft.
    2. 2. Reasonable suspicion of being an offender, such as illegal program user, bug abuser, or workplace.
    3. 3. If provisional measures are necessary for any reason similar to the above.
  2. ② In the case of Paragraph 1, when it is judged that there is no reason for remittance to the "Member" after the investigation is completed, "Company" shall extend the period of "Service" use as long as it was suspended only for "Members" who paid a fixed amount in proportion to the period of use. Provided, however, that this shall not apply in cases where it is proved to be an offense under Paragraph 1.

Article 28 (Reasons and Procedure of Service Use Restriction)
  1. ① The "Company" may set specific reason and procedures of "Service" use restriction in consideration of the contents, degree, frequency, and results of the violation.

  2. ② When the "Company" restricts the "Service" use as set forth in Article 26, "Company" shall notify the Member in writing, e-mail, note, LMS/SMS, on the "Service" initial screen or homepage of the following items.

    1. 1. Reason for Use Restrictions
    2. 2. Type and duration of Use Restrictions
    3. 3. How to appeal the Use Restrictions

Article 29 (Appeal Procedure for Service Use Restriction)
  1. ① "Member" may file an objection within 15 days from the date of "Service" Use Restriction in accordance with the procedure set by the "Company".

  2. ② "Company" shall promptly process the complaint or objection raised by the Member within a reasonable period of time. However, if it takes a long time to process, "Company" will notify the "Reason" and the schedule of process on the company's homepage or by e-mail, telephone, writing, LMS/SMS, Push Notification.

  3. ③ "Company" shall take the corresponding measure according to the result of above process.

Article 30 (Compensation for Damages)
  1. ① "Company" shall not be responsible for any damages incurred by "Members" in relation to the "Service" provided by the "Company" free of charge. Nevertheless, it is an exception if the damages arise from intentional or material negligence of the "Company".

  2. ② In the case which "Member" has caused damage to the "Company" in violation of these Terms and Conditions, "Member" shall be liable to the "Company" for the damages.

Article 31 (Refund)
  1. ① In the case where a "Member" applies for a refund, cancellation of payment, or withdrawal of subscription, the "Company" shall withdraw or delete the "Paid Services" purchased by the "Member" and process the necessary refunds in the same way the payment was made (request for cancellation of payment to "Open Market Operators" etc.,) within 3 business days from receipt of documents required for refund in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, such as the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

  2. ② Settlement made through the gift-giving function cannot be refund in principle, except that there is a defect in purchased items. Refunds due to defect of items can only be made by the "Member" who sent the gifts.

  3. ③ Refunds may be restricted if the "Service" use contract was terminated due to the fault of "Member" such as violation of current laws and major terms and conditions.

Article 32 (Incorrect Charges)
  1. ① The "Company" shall refund the full amount of the incorrectly charged fee in the same manner as the payment of the "Service" use fee. However, we will notify you in advance if it is not possible to refund in the same way the payment was made.

  2. ② In the case which the incorrect charge was caused by the responsibility of the "Company", the "Company" shall refund the full amount charged regardless of the contract or other fees. However, in the case which the incorrect was caused by the responsibility of the "Member", the "Member" must bear the cost of refunding the incorrectly charged fee by the "Company" to a reasonable extent.

  3. ③ "Company" shall be responsible for proving that the "Service" use fee has been rightfully charged in the case of refusing to refund for the fault that "Member" claims.

Article 33 (Exchange, Return, Warranty, etc.)
  1. ① "Company" does not guarantee that there will be no bugs or errors in the Game Applications that "Members" use. However, "Company" will make every effort to ensure that "Members" can use "Services" smoothly by checking errors regularly and fix bugs in the Game Applications through continuous App updates.

  2. ② In the case which there is a defect in the Paid Game Application downloaded from the "Open Market" by "Member" making it impossible to use the Game Application objectively, "Company" shall fully refund the amount paid by the "Member" in the same way the payment was made.

  3. ③ "Company" may request "Members" to re-download or update the Game Application through notices when updating bugs or error, and "Member" can re-download the game free-of-charge from the "Open Market".

  4. ④ If the update contents of the Game Application includes essential feature for "Service" such as security enhancement, or other important elements for maintaining the Game Balance, "Company" may restrict the use of "Members" who have not downloaded the updated version. In this case, "Member" must download the updated version in order to continue to use the "Service" and "Member" may not request for a refund to the "Company" because of the compulsory update request.

Article 34 (Grievance and Dispute Resolution)
  1. ① The "Company" shall, in consideration of "Members" convenience, provide a guide on how to present opinions or complaints on the initial screen of the game, "Service" homepage, or "Service" setting and help page. The "Company" is operating a dedicated organization to handle the opinions and complaints of the "Members".

  2. ② "Company" shall promptly process the opinions or complaints from "Members" within a reasonable period of time if it is objectively recognized to be fair. However, if it takes a long time to process, "Company" shall notify the reason and the schedule of process through the notices in the "Service", etc., or by e-mail, telephone or in writing.

  3. ③ If a dispute arises between the "Company" and the "Member" and is coordinated by a third party dispute resolution body, the "Company" shall faithfully demonstrate the measures taken to "Members", such as restriction on use, and may subject to adjustment made by the coordinating agency.

  4. ④ The Operation Hours of the Customer Center operated by the "Company" are as follows.

    1. 1. Opening Hours: 10:00 to 18:00
    2. 2. Working day: Monday to Friday (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Article 35 (Disclaimer of the Company)
  1. ① The Company shall be exempted from liability in the event that it cannot provide "Services" due to wartime, affairs, natural disasters, emergency situations, technical defects that cannot be solved by current technology, or other force majeure reasons.

  2. ② "Company" shall be exempted from liability for suspension of "Service", disability of use or termination of contract due to the cause of the "Member". Especially, in the case of "Download-type Application", the "Company" shall not be liable for any loss of data due to "Members" change of device, change of number or deletion of application. Likewise, the "Company" shall not be liable for any loss of data due to "Members" change of device, change of number or deletion of application without registering the "Platform Service" as recommended.

  3. ③ "Company" shall be exempted from liability in the event that a telecommunications carrier suspends telecommunication services or fails to provide the telecommunication service normally, unless the "Company" has caused any willful gross negligence.

  4. ④ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for any unavoidable reasons such as periodic maintenance, replacement, inspection, construction, etc, of facilities for service that are previously known, unless the "Company" has caused any intentional gross negligence.

  5. ⑤ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for any problems arising from the mobile network or mobile device environment of "Members" without intentional or serious fault of the "Company".

  6. ⑥ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for the contents, reliability, accuracy, etc, of information, data or facts posted or transmitted by the "Member" or third parties on the "Services" or "Company" homepage, unless the "Company" has caused any intentional gross negligence.

  7. ⑦ "Company" has no obligation to intervene in the dispute between "Members" or third parties through the "Service" and shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused.

  8. ⑧ In the case of "Free Services" provided by "Company", "Company" shall not compensate for damages, unless the "Company" has caused any intentional gross negligence.

  9. ⑨ Some of the services in the "Service" may be provided by other providers. "Company" shall be exempted from liability for damages caused by services provided by other providers, unless the "Company" has caused any intentional gross negligence.

  10. ⑩ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for any loss that came from the results of characters, experience, items, etc, not being as expected by "Member" while "Service" unless the "Company" has caused any willful misconduct or gross negligence.

  11. ⑪ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for the loss of the cyber assets (Game Money) and usage records of the "members" in the game, unless the "Company" has caused any willful misconduct or gross negligence. In addition, "Company" may collect or exchange items that were misdirected to "Members" due to server errors, client errors, etc. without prior notice and "Company" shall not bear any responsibility for the case.

  12. ⑫ "Company" shall be exempted from liability for any damages caused by the error of "Members" mobile device or inaccurate Personal Data, e-mail address, etc, unless the "Company" has caused any intentional gross negligence.

  13. ⑬ "Company" may restrict the "Service" use time in accordance with "Service" or "Member" pursuant to relevant laws and regulations, government policies, etc, and shall not be liable for such "Service" use limitations and restrictions.

  14. ⑭ "Member" must carefully review the technical details, prices, and precautions for using the "Company" application on the display / notices in each "Open Market" before downloading the "Company" application. If the "Member" download the application despite the fact that the device held by "Member" is not suitable for the use of the "Services" provided by the "Company" as indicated on each "Open Market", "Company" shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused such as disability, etc.

  15. ⑮ "Company" does not warrant that the "Service" provided by "Company" does not have defects and bugs, meets a specific purpose and does not infringe the rights of third parties' intellectual property.

Article 36 (Notice to Members)
  1. ① When "Company" notifies "Member", it can be done by e-mail address designated by "Member", electronic note, "Service" note, LMS/SMS, or Push Notification.

  2. ② The "Company" may substitute the notification in Paragraph 1 by presenting notice on the homepage of the "Company" or application, pop-up screen, etc, for more than 7 days.

Article 37 (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea. If any dispute arises between the "Company" and the "Member", the court will be requested to the competent court in accordance with procedures established by statute.

Additional Clause:

These Terms of Service are effective as of May 1, 2016.

The existing Terms will be replaced by these Terms.